Nitrile Gloves - 1 Box of 100 Pieces = 50 Pairs - In Stock Now USA Inventory

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Nitrile Gloves are very difficult to find right now anywhere in the world. But the good news is we have these products on the ground, in our own warehouses, in the USA today ready to ship immediately.
We don't know how long the stock will last so order soon.
Each box containers 100 pcs of disposable gloves which means 50 pairs are in each box. 

Our products are shipped from our own US warehouses and will arrive very quickly via UPS or USPS.
Compared with latex gloves, Nitrile gloves have more advantages -- They have Good sensitivity, they are hypo-allergenic, they provide resistance to oil, and they have good wear resistance.
They are not easy to break and they are Antistatic.
These gloves are suitable for all kinds of different activities.
Anti-allergic and Flexible: Nitrile gloves do not contain latex protein, so it won't cause allergic reactions;
Compared with latex gloves, nitrile gloves are very thin, and they will not have the bulky feeling of latex gloves when worn so they have good agility for your fingers even when wearing gloves.
Suitable for Long Time Wear: Nitrile disposable gloves have better abrasion resistance, acid & alkali resistance, antistatic properties, and they won't cause allergies to the skin which makes them suitable for people with allergies & the need to wear for a long time.



  • ✅DURABLE & COMFORTABLE - Strong, high-quality Nitrile material offers incredible stretch, no tearing, or pinching.

  • ✅CARE FOR YOUR HANDS - Nitrile gloves protect your hands from liquids, oils, gases, and sharp objects. An ideal solution for sensitive individuals.

  • ✅VERSATILE APPLICATIONS - All kinds of environments are perfect for these gloves including basic lab work or exam, hair coloring, tattooing, food preparation, painting, cleaning, pet care, home improvement, arts & crafts and more.

  • ✅FITS LIKE A GLOVE - Do you take off your gloves for every chore that requires finger sensitivity? These Gloves have very close to bare hand sensitivity and are touchscreen-friendly! Now you can mark those reminders on your smartphone or iPad without taking your gloves off!