Laser Pointer Pen & Micro Fiber Stylus 3 in 1 Standard - 7 Colors Kyasi New York Stylus

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The perfect gift for Graduation Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day!

  • Ball Point Pen with German standard D-1 cartridge

  • Microfiber Stylus for all mobile devices

  • Bright Red Laser Pointer

Kyasi Stylus Review


This Kyasi stylus-pen-laser pointer combination is an amazing high-quality device made with a brass chassis. The custom made microfiber tip is an extraordinary feature giving you more control than ever for writing, drawing, sketching, making diagrams, and even playing games.

Use this on any capacitive touchscreen like iPhones, iPads, and any major touch screen device as a stylus and use on your projection screen with a built-in laser pointer and when you need to jot a note - this is also a premium grade writing pen.

This device includes a standard D-1 sized built-in ballpoint pen so refills are easy. On your touchscreen, Kyasi’s Stylus is a well-balanced pointer with a soft fiber tip designed to mimic your finger. The stylus helps keep your touchscreen free of fingerprints and smudges and at the same time it gives increased control over any operation.

This stylus has a very durable integrated clip for your pocket or pencil loop. This is one of the best gifts for your Dad, Mom, Boss, or your friend and it comes in a nice box with 3 batteries to start off your laser pointing strong.

 For more details on the PEN check out these SPECIFICATIONS.

NOTE: Newer production runs do not include a pen cap since most customers felt it was superfluous.