Flashlight LED USB Rechargeable Never Needs Batteries! - Black

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Kyasi USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight - Black

It's Here! The release of the easily rechargeable Kyasi series light is officially here! Please welcome the KYFL10 Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight.

With an amazing amount of light emitted through high power LEDs,  this illumination source is simply amazing. Plus when you add in the fact that it is totally rechargeable with a standard USB Port and you have a hands-down winner in this amazing device. There is no flashlight that delivers more power for such a small investment.

The KYFL10 is a USB rechargeable flashlight that has the capability for tactical applications.  

It is powered by one rechargeable Li-ion battery. The flashlight features a heavy gauge metallic structure that is strong for everyday use. It also has a tactical surface switch that helps access the different light modes including the strobe distress call.

A vital part of preparedness is having a flashlight you can count on AND never having to replace batteries is that much more delightful.