Pink iPad Mini Case - APLJUS Collection - PU Leather Protective Cover with Hand Strap and Magnetic(on/off) Closure - Hot Pink - Premium Grade - Clearance

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  • Leather case features smooth synthetic leather and heavy duty stitching.
  • Sleep/ Wake functionality built in.
  • Allows horizontal and vertical viewing angles.
  • Elastic oversized hand strap offers a more comfortable way to hold your iPad mini while on the go.
  • Available in black, white and pink


The elastic hand strap on back offer a more comfortable way to hold your iPad device on the go. The microsuede interior protects your ipad from scratches and bumps. When the front cover is folder over, it can hold your ipad in landscape viewing mode while the integrated low angle, foldaway stand can provide a suitable angle for typing. The design allows easy access to built-in cameras and ports.