UVC Multi-Function Phone Sanitizer kills 99% of Germs - Kyasi UVC Germ Killer

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  • A Qi Wireless Charger on the surface
  • A UVC Phone Sanitizer acts like soap to clean away those germs
  • An essential oil defuser to make your home or office smell great and stay healthy

The Kyasi UVC desktop phone sanitizer works by using UVC light to kill germs on your phone, keys, or whatever you place in the device. 

UVC light is well documented at killing germs: 


Experience the best portable protection for your home or office and get the extra benefits of the diffuser and wireless charger.

Keep your phone clean almost like modern-day soap for your iPhone or Android by utilizing advanced pop-up technology and UV-C LED sanitizing without any hassles. This is an amazing value!

Kill up to 99.9% of germs.

In just minutes the device can fully sterilize against any germs. If you are sanitizing a phone or something that is 2 sided -  you should do both sides individually.

This device is made in an EPA Registered Factory.

This device is large enough to put your mask in as well to extend the life a bit farther.