Germ Shark PX10 Sanitizing Wipes - 70% Alcohol, 10 Pack (Single)

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The best new hand sanitizer on the market: Germ Shark.
We exceed the minimum FDA recommendations and have a verifiable USA registered national drug code, and are manufactured in a facility certified by the FDA.

We use a two-step denaturing process that gets rid of most of the alcohol smell for our wipes. It has a lower smell because it is higher purity. Germ Shark PX4 and PX7 wipes come in unscented and Lemon scented formats and are safe to use on all skin types with no harmful chemicals or additives. Our PX3, PX10, and PX50 wipes are made with medical grade Isopropyl Alcohol.

*Germ Shark contains NO parabens, cortisone, steroids, sulfates, mineral oil, petroleum or phthalates.