10 Reusable Sport Masks with Breathe Vents, just $99

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Discount bundle of 10 for a limited time only!

Save 65% on 10 Reusable Sport Mask with Breathe Vents & 3 Active Carbon Filters each.  Just $99!

Surgisyn Neoprene Reusable Sport Mask contains 10 masks each with:

  • Adult Standard Size (Stretchy & Adjustable)
  • 2 Breathe Max Vents
  • 3 Activated Carbon Filters

This face mask is usable in all outdoor sports and activities where high levels of dust are present. This mask will help protect from pollution, viral influenza, industrial emissions, dust allergies PM2.5

Made of soft, flexible neoprene fabric. This fabric allows the mask to conform easily to varying facial features, sealing around the face, and providing a comfortable fit.