What is PPE?

PPE is all the buzz as the world comes to grips with the novel Corona Virus also called COVID-19. We needed face masks and we couldn't find any and we didn't really think the idea of wrapping a scarf around our face was a very effective answer.

In fact, the idea that the government tells us to wrap a scarf or some other home made material made us think about to the old days when they would run the nuclear drills in school telling kids to "duck and cover" under their desks. That's probably not going to help in the event of a catastrophic nuclear effect. However, that's the drills the federal government recommends to pacify the people.

Well we wanted real protection! So we worked out a program to buy a company called www.surgisyndental.com. As the transition happens we have positioned Kyasi to ship surgical masks right now in the USA.

IN STOCK surgical masks with real protection is far better than some of the common household alternatives.

Ultimately YOU should decide what is best for you. At a minimum if you can use the surgical masks or KN95 respirator that is better for you. You can even grab some N95 NIOSH tested top quality masks while they last.
If you and your family need a face mask or other types of PPE we are going to try to keep in stock as much as we possible can.