Kyasi Stylus 3 in 1 Pen, Laser and Stylus combination - Instructions - How To - FAQ

New York Stylus

Laser, Pen & Microfiber Tipped Stylus

Write, Point and Use on any smartphone or tablet with a capacitive display.

This product features a conductive fiber technology stylus for use on touchscreens, a pen for writing and a laser pointer for presentations. This guide outlines the precautions. Please read it carefully to make sure you are using your product properly and retain it for future reference.

This package contains

  • High Tech Multi-function Stylus With Laser Pointer
  • 3 LR41 button batteries
  • 1 Standard ink refill (installed in pen)
  • User guide
  • Some models of this device include a cap while others do not have a cap. The device functions the exact same way with or without the cap. The only difference is the pen/stylus tip would be exposed without the cap, but removes the concern about losing the cap. :)


  • A conductive fiber cloth tip with durable built-in spring for use on touchscreen
  • High quality metal casing
  • Special design prevents screen scratching
  • Write, point and use on touchscreen devices
  • Laser pointing function is incredibly useful
  • Uses standard ink refills


  • Dimensions: 140 mm (length) x 11 mm (diameter)
  • Weight: 34.5g


  • Tip: Conductive fiber cloth tip with built-in spring
  • Pen barrel: Brass (pen clip - chrome plated - Premium Grade)
  • Ink: Standard ink refill one black (inside pen)

Power Source

  • Maximum laser output power: <= 1mW (class IIB)
  • Wavelength: 630-680nm
  • pen: 3 LR41 batteries

How to Use:


This stylus operates effortlessly by holding it in your hand and touching it softly onto the surface of your screen. It has been manufactured using a special patented tip that will not scratch or damage your touchscreen device.

1. Turn your touchscreen device on

2. Lightly touch the stylus to the screen

3. Apply the stylus to an item on the screen , then raise the stylus to select the item you want to activate. If you want to move items around on screen, simply don't raise the stylus until the desired position is achieved.

4. Familiarize yourself with the stylus actions until you can navigate the various screens on your touchscreen device

Laser Pointer

1. Press and hold the button to use the laser pointer.

2. When not in use, please release the button.

Installing/Replacing Ink Refill

1. Rotate in a clockwise direction and detach the pen compartment from the High Tech Multi-function Stylus.

2. Hold the pen firmly and pull the ink refill out in the opposite direction.

3. Insert the new ink refill into the pen.

4. Gently insert the pen compartment back into the High Tech Multi-function Stylus; Fasten the pen compartment by turning it in a counterclockwise direction.

Installing the batteries

1. Rotate in a clockwise direction and detach the battery compartment from the High Tech Multi-function Stylus.

2. Prepare 3 LR41 batteries to insert into the High Tech Multi-function Stylus.

3. Install the batteries into your High Tech Multi-function Stylus as shown: Polarity (+) Face up. Polarity (-) Face down.

4. Fasten the battery compartment by turning it in a counterclockwise direction.
Note: Never direct a laser pointer at another person; Never look directly into a laser pointer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. The laser pointer doesn't work or is working irregularly. 

  • Check if the batteries are installed in the correct polarity.
  • The batteries may have run out of power, please replace the batteries.
  • Please ensure that the pen is being stored in the pouch correctly; this prevents the laser pointer from turning on unintentionally

Q2. How long do the batteries for the laser pointer last? 
Answer: Laser pointer batteries should last for several thousand clicks.

Safety Precautions

Please follow the rules outlined in this guide closely to ensure your safety and flawless operation:

  • Do not expose to liquid or moisture.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Small parts may cause a choking hazard. Do not let children use the laser pointer.
  • Laser pointer should never be used as toy or pointed directly at another person.
  • When misused, laser pointers (class IIB) have the the potential to permanently damage your eyesight.
  • Do not use a laser pointers toward the eyes. Never look directly into a laser pointer.
  • Laser light is just as damaging when reflection off of another surface. Do not direct the laser pointers reflection toward another person or misuse this device in anyway.