2016 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Guess - what? Father's day gifts suck more often than not. 
Yep - we said it. They just do. Everyone knows what we're talking about too. Don't pretend that the gifts that your Dad has received over the years did not include the following:
  • A crappy tie
  • Socks
  • Underwear (really?)
  • Cologne
  • Golf Balls or related stuff
  • Bad Hats or T-shirts
  • BBQ tools (again)
  • Tool set even though he has them
  • World Greatest Dad Mugs
You get the idea. Dad's are a pain to shop for so it's easy enough to throw up your arms and send a gift card instead of shopping.
But this year we're going to make it easier for you. We've selected some of the best gift ideas for Dad that can be sure that this year Dad really will be surprised that the gift is something he will actually use.

 1. The Kyasi New York Stylus

This clever device packs a Stylus, Laser and a Pen into one amazing little package. This will make your Dad feel like James Bond. You don't have to tell him you paid half price. 
stylus pen laser combo

2. The Executive Keyboard

These keyboards will work with most any tablet  and comes in two sizes which include the 7-8" and the 9-10" versions. Not only will this be a cool gadget for your Dad to use for business he can now write that book he has always been talking about. 

3. Ballistic Grade Screen Protectors

When people break their screen on their precious tablet or smart phone their heart breaks. Save you Dad from heartbreak by giving him the best protection money can buy. Many custom sizes to fit lots of different phones and all iPad and iPhone models.

4. The Kyasi London ALL BUSINESS folio case

is perfect for Dad's that are the Boss. These folios have slots for business cards and other features inside. The Buckskin Brown, October Blue and Onyx Black are top selling Dad friendly colors. Available for iPads and Samsung Tab 2 and Tab 3 10.1" devices.

5. The Kyasi Seattle Classic Universal Folio Tablet Case

helps cover almost all of those tablets that Dad's have. Even the weird off brand ones that your Dad bought because he has to be different. Sure these will work with iPad Mini (7-8" version) or the iPad Air (9-10" version) as well as other mainstream tablets, but if your Daddy is a bit nerdy and has a 9.4" PCGEEK101 Tablet this is for you.
universal tablet case

6. The Kyasi Power To Go Qi Charger

is a great way to help Dad cut the cord. Yes this charger will work as a base station with any Qi compatible device. Heck we even offer Qi adapters for phones that don't have Qi built in. The wireless options could really help Dad simplify. :)