About Us

Welcome to Kyasi.

Kyasi was founded on a simple principle: 

"If we offer world class service with high quality products our customers will help spread the word and lead us to long term success."

We believe in doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking.

We believe in building long term relationships built on trust and quality products.

We believe that we can succeed in a competitive world by creating value for our customers. 

Kyasi is a fast growing & emerging manufacturer of home and office items developing our own brand of top quality products. 

You can find many Kyasi products at Amazon, Walmart, Staples, Office Depot, CVS, Home Goods, and many many more fine retailers.

To contact us just use this quick form below. Phone number is optional. Don't worry we don't spam you. :)

2020 UPDATE: Kyasi has dedicated a series of team members to focus on PPE equipment to help our brave nurses and doctors and fellow humans on the front lines of this coronavirus Covid-19 global medical crisis. 

Our www.symoglobal.com team members are world class experts with a team on the ground in China to help find the best available FDA approved manufacturing and we try to help acquire community level supplies to help our fellow man. We have partnered with surgisyn.com and goepicbrands.com to source and find the highest quality PPE equipment.

It is not easy. The costs are fluctuating like crazy. Air freight is almost impossible to deal with due to the lack of commercial flights. Yet somehow, we're able to find some occasional wins to help our fellow man and keep our people working.

Until this crisis is over we will remain focused on trying to use our experience to help.

Our USA based inventory is available now - place your order online at anytime.





Kyasi Limited