Stylus Replacement Tip

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The stylus microfiber replacement tip will work with each of the stylus collections noted below: 

Kyasi New York Stylus

Kyasi Paris Stylus

Kyasi Dream Stylus

We do not offer Rubber Tip stylus replacements any longer. 


Q: Will this stylus tip work for other brands? 

A: We have not tested these custom made tips for other brands and would not recommend it.


Q: If my stylus has a lifetime warranty, why do I have to buy a tip?

A: The tips on any stylus are subject to lots and lots of different kinds of usage which over time will wear them down. Just like the brakes on a car these will have to be changed as they wear down. This is why the warranty doesn't cover new tips.


Q: Can I get a rubber tip instead?

A: We no longer offer rubber tips. Sorry about that.