Kyasi New York 3 in 1 Pen, Stylus & Laser! Now Available in 7 Colors!

 The Kyasi Stylus Collection - It's a Pen, It's a Stylus and It's a Laser! (Batteries INCLUDED)


Kyasi White Stylus Laser Pen Combo

This upscale device is really 3 devices in one. It's a superb writing instrument. It is an amazingly powerful laser pointer. And it is a incredibly high quality microfiber mesh tipped stylus. Best of all everything you need to get started is right in the box which includes the batteries. 


This is one of our most popular gift items. It's perfect for the boss, your significant other and especially for that hard to shop for person that we all know. Because everyone uses a pen, the laser is fun and the stylus is extra cool to use with your tablets or smart phones.

Kyasi FAQ and Stylus Instructions

The Kyasi New York stylus is one of the finest combination devices in the world and we're sure you will agree. If you have ever wanted to feel like James Bond this is the perfect gadget for you. Even Q would be jealous!

NOTE: Newer production runs do not include pen cap since most customers felt it was superfluous and would lose it. When putting the device in your pocket just be sure it is in the stylus position and you will never have an Ink issue. :)


To see some instructions and FAQ about the Kyasi New York Stylus check the link below:

Kyasi FAQ and Stylus Instructions

 Pick your favorite color and order today. Don't forget that every Kyasi Stylus comes with a no-hassle Lifetime Warranty. 

 A review from CooLoserTech:


Kyasi 3 in 1 stylus laser and pen combo


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