UVC Phone Sanitizer - 30 Seconds kills 99% of Germs - Kyasi Germicide

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The best Kyasi UVC portable phone sanitizer words by using UVC light to kill germs on your phone, keys, or whatever you place in the device. With a built-in battery, you have the power to go!

UVC light is well documented at killing germs: 


Experience the fastest portable protection for your home, office, car, work van, or anywhere you need it. Kyasi's Power to Go features all the best functions while staying mobile.

Keep your phone clean by utilizing advanced pop-up technology and UV-C LED sanitizing without any hassles. This is an amazing product.

After you are completed you can conveniently collapse flat to store in your backpack, gym bag, a work van, or whatever is convenient. Kill up to 99.9% of germs.

In just 30 seconds the device can fully sterilize against any germs. If you are sanitizing a phone or something that is 2 sided -  you should do both sides individually for the 30-second sanitizing process.

The locking mechanism helps prevent UVC exposure while the device is on. The rechargeable battery powers our UVC LEDs for maximum life span.

The battery will last 70 sanitizing cycles before needing a recharge making this the perfect device to take with you as you are on the go.