Kyasi Power To Go 5000mAh safe lithium polymer power bank for all USB Devices

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The Kyasi Power to Go series of power banks is designed for super long battery life combined with absolute safety. The powerful lithium polymer battery has been tested to withstand severe impact without causing a fire. Many other lower quality batteries can explode or cause a fire within seconds of a severe impact. At Kyasi our engineers spend extra time and we invest more in our products to give you simplicity and elegant usage without worry. We worry about your safety so you don't have to. Kyasi has created the Power to Go in cooperation with the largest battery producers in the world to gain insight into longer life, better user experience and ultimately more advantages for you. The sleek structure and design is no mistake either. The beauty and understand elegance make this a mobile accessory that you are proud to have with you. All Power to Go devices from Kyasi are capable of a USB charging stream and will keep your devices charged no matter where you are.