Kyasi Contactless Motion Sensor Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Gold

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The Kyasi Go Touchless Dispenser is a convenient way to keep germs at bay. Using infrared technology, the touch-free sensor dispenses soap/sanitizer automatically when hands are placed under dispensing spout. The Kyasi Go Touchless Dispenser works with a variety of liquid soaps for dishware, hands, face, hair, body, etc. It may also be used with liquid hand sanitizer.    

Our easy to use Kyasi Go Touchless Dispenser may be refilled by simply removing the cap and filling with the liquid soap of your choice. This sleek unit requires 4 AAA size batteries (not included) for long-lasting, touch-free dispensing. 
-          Easy to Use, Ideal for Children
-          Touch-Free, Keep Germs Under Control
-          Refillable, Use Your Favorite Products
-          Compact, Space Saving Design
-          Portable, Uses 4 AAA Batteries

Additional Information:
This compact Kyasi Go Touchless Dispenser unit measures 80x80x190mm, with a capacity of 250ml/8.4oz. It is crafted from durable plastic, encased in high-quality aluminum and is colored gold. Features On/Off Button and Soap/Sanitizer Dispensing Volume Control Button. This unit is designed exclusively for liquids.

Capacity 250ml
Materials Aluminum and Plastic
Power Supply Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included)
Size 80mm x 80mm x 190mm