Anti-Fog Protective Goggles (50 Pair Bundle & Free Shipping)

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Surgisyn Anti-Fog Protective Goggles - 50 Pair Bundle

Surgisyn Anti-Fog Protective Goggles – Vented, Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate, For Men and Women

Shield your eyes from liquid, dust and debris with Surgisyn Anti-Fog Protective Goggles. Top-quality polycarbonate lens offers clear visibility and excellent impact-resistance from blowing debris and hazardous splashes in many environments. Our smart design allows space for eye-glasses beneath protective goggles, and our scratch-resistant treatment secures long-lasting, blemish-free visibility. 

Four skillfully-engineered vents disperse condensation, while anti-fog coating prevents fog formation, ensuring unobstructed vision during activity. 
Sturdy, elastic band adjusts goggles to contour your face for a comfortable, snug fit. 
Ideal for use in hospitals, laboratories, classrooms, and at home for activities requiring Protective Goggles. 

-     Eye Protection, Impact-Resistant
-     Anti-Fog, Vented
-     Scratch-Resistant, Clear View
-     Comfortable, Flexible Contour Fit
-     Durable, High-Quality Construction

Additional Information: Surgisyn Anti-Fog Protective Goggles are made using clear polycarbonate lens, black, adjustable elastic band, and four white plastic vents. Goggles come in Standard Adult Size. Weight is 0.10 kgs/ 0.22 lbs. 

Materials Polycarbonate Plastic and Elastic
Size Adult Standard
Color Clear, Black