Kyasi Power To Go 3500 mAh battery case for 100% More Battery Life iPhone 6 6S Jet Black

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iPhone 6 6S Battery Case

The most active lifestyles call for more power in our smart phones. The Kyasi Power To Go collection now offers a case with a built in power bank. The power banks are designed to increase your battery life by 100%. That's right the battery will double your battery charge time of your smartphone! That means adding hours and hours of talking or streaming or texting. As always the Power to Go collection focuses first on saftey so you can be assured that only the finest quality materials are used in a Kyasi power product.

  • 100% More Battery Life for Your iPhone
  • High Quality Charging System
  • Safe Li-Poly Technology
  • Charges with Standard Lighting Input Cable (Not Included)
  • Power To Go Quality Built by Kyasi

**In some rare cases we have had a customer indicate the top portion of the case became loose. If this happens contact us and we'll send you a FREE replacement topper that will solve this rare issue permanently.