Kyasi Gladiator Glass Ballistic Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Tempered Glass Clear - 1 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Gladiator Glass Ballistic by Kyasi is the most highly rated tempered glass layer you can add to your device. This screen protector not only provides incredible protection, but will install FAR easier than plastic film screen protectors and offers 300% more protection and hardness. Additionally tempered glass can be 100% bubble free so long as the surface is free of any contaminants. This hurricane proof glass will give you protection you have never imagined for your devices delicate glass display. This added protection could be the difference between a broken screen and absolute relief in the event of that inevitable drop of your device. You deserve the best protection that money can buy. This is the same grade of protection the military commanders use to protect their devices in the field. And while no protective solution is fool proof Kyasi Ballistic Grade glass layers are the best that money can buy. Styluses and touch gestures will not be compromised by installing this protection.