Germ Shark PX4 Hand Wipes - 80% ALCOHOL - Made in the USA JUMBO Wipes 275 10"x12" wipes.

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The Germ Shark PX4 JUMBO hand wipes are a force of nature. This incredibly high quality made in America wipes are just what you need to protect yourself.

Each box includes a roll of 275 10"x12" wipes! That's almost one square foot of high quality wipe for you. Imagine taking on those messy kid hands with 10 inches by 12 inches of hand sanitizing goodness. 

And at less than 31 cents per wipe - these are a bargain compared to the typical tiny wipes that you need to use a handful just to get the job done. 

These JUMBO sized hand wipes are the perfect solution to make sure you have a clean area.

This product is perfect for home, care, office, gym placement and you have have quick access to it when you need it.

Germ Shark PX4 is formulated to maximize the alcohol to be certain the job gets done right!

The best part of the JUMBO roll is that they will last for a long time when properly sealed after use.