40 BOTTLES - Germ Shark Hand Sanitizer Travel Size Single - 60ml 75% Ethyl Alcohol

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This offer includes 40 (forty) individual bottles of the Germ Shark 2oz Travel Size Hand Sanitizer.  That's just 99¢ a bottle!

    • 👍 You can trust Germ Shark. Our hand sanitizer gel with alcohol is made with ethanol (ethyl) alcohol made from corn.
    • 🔆 Germ Shark exceeds the minimum government recommendations. It's a 75 percent alcohol based hand sanitizer gel in a gentle clear formula that is safe to use on all skin types. It contains NO parabens, cortisone, steroids, sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum or phthalates.
    • ➡️ Germ Shark is a must have for individual personal hygiene and to aid in the prevention of illness when you are not near soap and water. It's easy to control gel dispensing amount makes it perfect for the gym, classroom, kitchen, bathroom, entryway or desktop.
    • ⚕️ Pharmaceutical grade gel hand sanitizer with a built in pump trusted by medical professionals and retailers throughout the United States. Fast drying - your hands will feel refreshed after each use. 

    Safety Information

    Avoid freezing and excessive heat above 40C (104F). Store between 15-30C (59-86F).


    Hand sanitizer for use when soap and water are not available. Can be used on hands, arms and legs.


    Ethanol Alcohol 75%, Water 24.44%, Carbomer 0.20%, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil 0.20%, Triethanolamine 0.16%


    Place enough product on hands to cover all surfaces. Rub hands together until dry. Supervise children under 6 years of age when using this product to avoid swallowing.

    Legal Disclaimer

    For external use only. Flammable. Keep away from heat or flame. Do not store in hot vehicle. Do not use on children less than 2 months of age - supervise use by children. Keep out of eyes, ears, and mouth.