Germ Shark PX4 Liquid Hand Sanitizer, 80% Alcohol, Case of 4 (w/ Hand Pump)

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FULL CASE includes 4 one-gallon bottles of sanitizer per case, on sale now for $80!  (That's just $20 per gallon bottle.) 

Each one-gallon LIQUID hand sanitizer from Germ Shark which is Made in the USA from corn grown and ethyl alcohol refined in the USA. Then the Ethyl Alcohol is double carbon filtered and mixed to make hand sanitizer in an FDA registered facility.  

Hand Pump included for each gallon making this jobsite ready instantly!

This American made product is a perfect idea for you to use to refill any existing spray bottles or spray sanitizer dispensers. This Gallon size helps you save money vs. the smaller bottles where the packaging costs as much as the stuff inside.

The Germ Shark 1 GALLON PX4 Liquid Hand Sanitizer gives you 128 ounces of high quality 80% Alcohol sanitizer to help your home or business maintain a safer atmosphere. 

American farmers grew corn and sent it to an American refinery to make pure cosmetic grade ethanol and then an American factory in Wisconsin created the FDA and WHO approved hand sanitizer mix and bottled it for your use.

Don't miss the chance to stock up before the inventory runs out!

NOTE: Hand pump design and gallon jug format may change based on raw materials availability. Some our of jugs are larger than a GALLON so the fill line is lower than the very top, but rest assured you will always receive the FULL gallon in every bottle.