20 Packs of KN95 Face Mask = 100 Mask Bundle

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Deeply discounted for a limited time!

100 KN95 Face Mask Bundle for just $79

  • Five layer protection
  • Filters out over 95% of airborne droplets, etc.
  • Two-way protection filters
  • Strongly resistant to oil
  • Adjustable nose bridge
  • Elastic ear loops

The Surgisyn.com brand of KN95 respirator mask gives high quality protection with very aggressively low prices.

This bundle of 20 units of the 5 PACKS totals 100 Masks for your business use.

 Due to the severe shortage of N95 masks there was a recent at the FDA decision to allow KN 95 masks  use, but only when certain rigid criteria was met. This Surgisyn KN 95 meets the high standards required for import into the USA.



If worn correctly, the KN95 filters better than the normal cloth and dust masks.

However, even if worn in full compliance, the risk of infection or death cannot be eliminated 100%. KN95 is one of the levels specified in the Chinese Standard GB2626-2006. N95 is one of the levels specified in the US Standard 42 CFR 84. These two levels of technical requirements, testing methods and so on are basically the same.The filtration efficiency is 95% under the corresponding standard.


- Protects user from breathing in hazardous materials
- Reduces exposure to certain airborne particles including small particle aerosol and large droplets
- Protects from exposure to biohazards including viruses and bacteria

- Five layer protection
- Strongly resistant to oil
- Fluid resistant

- Filters out 95% of airborne particles including large and small particles
- Able to filter finer particles of around 0.3 micron
- Two-way protection filters air entering/exiting the wearer

- When properly fitted and donned, minimal leakage occurs around edges  of the respirator when user inhales.

Due to a dramatic reduction in supply combined with overwhelming demand, all orders for healthcare products placed after February 1, 2020, are non-cancellable and non-returnable. Thank you for your continued cooperation and business.

F.D.A. to Allow Use of KN95 Masks 

Due to the ongoing crisis there are no returns or refunds on this item.