What is an ASTM Level 2 Surgical Face Mask?

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What is an ASTM Level 2 Surgical Face Mask?

ASTM LEVEL 2 Surgical Face Mask

There is a TON of discussion in the world, and more precisely on Facebook, about the newly discovered world of face mask protection. Isn't it amazing how suddenly everyone is an expert?

The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 has created a global medical emergency and a level of information and disinformation being created on a minute by minute basis.

We're just regular humans over here so we had to get educated.

First, we admit that we don't like to wear masks and we don't want to wear masks, but it has become CLEAR that wearing a face mask in public will help slow the infection and protect our communities.

Second, in early April 2020, the United States Centers for Disease control commonly called the CDC issued a recommendation that all Americans should wear protective face masks when they are in public.

So when you have to make that run for essentials to Costco or your local grocery store you owe it to yourself AND perhaps, more importantly, your community to wear some kind of face protection.

Since masks are in short supply the CDC said it's ok to make your own out of a scarf or cloth or whatever you have. 

All of this effort is to reduce the chance of each individual person coughing, sneezing, or even an asymptomatic person just exhaling and releasing the virus to the rest of us. In most cases, including surgical masks, the intent is not about absolute prevention of the virus getting through your face mask protection.

This is because it is impractical for everyone in the world to have adequate face protection right now.

Put simply: There are more people than proper face masks.

Therefore the purpose is to reduce the infection that each individual contributes to the world vs. prevention of every incoming particle being filtered. This means that if one of us alone wears a mask the strategy fails. But if we all, even globally,  "suit up" as best we can then this CDC face mask strategy has a chance of working to slow the infection rate.

SO now that you have the background here are some facts:


We live in a crazy world where you can buy a fake Louis Vuitton handbag or nowadays a fake N95 respirator or a fake surgical mask. Its a crying shame that this is happening, but it is a reality. Those bad actors who would prey on those of us just trying to protect ourselves and our family are giving those victims and society, in general, a false sense of security. The bad press related to governments being shipped faulty PPE emergency equipment has forced the Chinese government to crack down on these scumbags which is a good thing.

LESSON: Make sure you trust your provider



Even if you can find authentic and genuine masks it's important to know the differences. Based on 0.05-Micron particles.

LESSON: Use the best available solution for your purpose.



The CDC says - regardless of what method you use for face protection at least do something to reduce the spread of the Covid19 virus. 


LESSON: Whatever you decide to do, try to use the best available solution.


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