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iPhone 7 Rumors Based on preliminary reports from inside of FOXCONN in China indicate the face dimensions of the iPhone 7 (presumably the plus size at 5.5") will be the same as the iPhone 6 Plus. Foxconn is Apple's largest supplier and is responsible for final assembly of the Apple iPhone including the upcoming iPhone 7. Although the thickness may actually be a bit thicker the face may not be substantially different.   Although the iPhone 7 has not yet been officially released or even announced there is rampant speculation about the upcoming features.   The top 3 new features that...

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The iPhone 6 has been released with the typical Apple hoopla and general consumer anticipation.   The big show was marred by technical difficulties that made the first 45 minutes or so of the apple presentation virtually unwatchable. It was a terrible experience for the hundreds of thousands around the world trying to take part in this announcement. The screen would change from the Bars with or without audio to flashes of the presentation in various time beats and would add in Chinese translation almost as loud as the speaker voice. It was a real buzz kill according to the...

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