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We always recommend wearing a proper 3-layer face mask to be sure you are getting the intended health and filtration benefits, which is to help reduce your exposure to the coronavirus and perhaps, more importantly, reduce the exposure that you project into the world around to end this cursed global COVID19 pandemic. There are some more fashionable styles of masks with foam and even charcoal which are ok against pollution and dust, but they are NOT intended to reduce exposure to the flu or coronavirus types of risks. They might look cooler, but if they don't do the job - you...

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There is a TON of discussion in the world, and more precisely on Facebook, about the newly discovered world of face mask protection. Isn't it amazing how suddenly everyone is an expert? The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 has created a global medical emergency and a level of information and disinformation being created on a minute by minute basis. We're just regular humans over here so we had to get educated. First, we admit that we don't like to wear masks and we don't want to wear masks, but it has become CLEAR that wearing a face mask in public...

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