How to wear a surgical face mask

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How to wear a surgical face mask

We always recommend wearing a proper 3-layer face mask to be sure you are getting the intended health and filtration benefits, which is to help reduce your exposure to the coronavirus and perhaps, more importantly, reduce the exposure that you project into the world around to end this cursed global COVID19 pandemic.

There are some more fashionable styles of masks with foam and even charcoal which are ok against pollution and dust, but they are NOT intended to reduce exposure to the flu or coronavirus types of risks. They might look cooler, but if they don't do the job - you have to ask yourself, "What's the point?"

3 layer surgical face mask

An authentic, well made, 3-ply surgical or medical mask, on the other hand, has three layers – each with very specific functions :

  • an outer hydrophobic layer, which repels water, blood and body fluids,
  • a middle filter layer that is designed to filter bacteria, and
  • an inner hydrophilic layer, which absorbs water, sweat and spit


When you are shopping for a surgical face mask it is important to look for NEW and unused products. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw many companies trying to ship recycled products from China and other countries which is absolutely unacceptable.

The image below shows indicators of a high-quality surgical face mask that is capable of helping protect you, your family and your community:

High quality surgical face mask indicators


How To Wear A Surgical Mask Correctly

Here are some step-by-step instructions for wearing a surgical mask correctly :

  1. Clean your hands with soap and water, or hand sanitizer, before touching the mask
  2. Hold the mask with the stiff bendable strip on top, and the colored side facing outwards.
  3. If the surgical mask has ear loops – hold the mask by the ear loops, and place a loop around each ear.
  4. If the surgical mask has ties – bring the mask to your nose and place the ties over the crown of your head, and secure by tying them in a bow.
  5. If the surgical mask has elastic bands – bring the mask to your nose and pull the top band over your head and let it rest on the crown of your head, and then pull the bottom strap over your head and let it rest on the nape of your neck.
  6. Mold or pinch the nose strip to conform to the shape of your nose.
  7. Pull the bottom of the surgical mask over your mouth and chin.

how to wear a surgical face mask correctly


As we all deal with certain new realities that the COVID-19 pandemic and brought the world we must increase our own awareness. Here at Kyasi and through our brand partner Surgisyn, we're committed to finding the best quality protection and innovative consumer electronics that will help YOU stay safe and to ensure the safety and well being of those around you.