iPhone 7 Screen Protection...

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iPhone 7 Screen Protection...

iPhone 7 Rumors

Based on preliminary reports from inside of FOXCONN in China indicate the face dimensions of the iPhone 7 (presumably the plus size at 5.5") will be the same as the iPhone 6 Plus.

Foxconn is Apple's largest supplier and is responsible for final assembly of the Apple iPhone including the upcoming iPhone 7. Although the thickness may actually be a bit thicker the face may not be substantially different.


Although the iPhone 7 has not yet been officially released or even announced there is rampant speculation about the upcoming features.


The top 3 new features that experts are speculating about Apple's new iPhone 7 are:

1. No Head Phone Jack

The new model is expected to remove the head phone jack in favor or wireless bluetooth options.  We've even seen CAD drawings of the expected final assembly design that confirm this speculation, but you never know until the new iPhone seven is released.


2. Wireless Charging

Some experts have speculated that Apple will introduce it's own version of wireless charging. Apple is the most notable company that is NOT part of the Qi Wireless Consortium. Qi Wireless has been available for the last couple years. Kyasi does carry some Qi accessories to make your current iPhone Qi Compatible. 


3. Dropping the 16GB version

With the advancement of 4K video and higher resolution photos a 16GB iPhone has become almost useless for any regular user. Apple appears to have embraced this reality and in fact is reported to be ready to release a 256GB version of the phone. How long will it be before Apple releases a 1TB iPHONE?


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