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Belt Buckle iPad 2, iPad 3 or iPad 4 Case

Do you know that you can add fun and lovely character to your gadget while protecting them simultaneously? Kyasi, is a USA based company known for its superior gadget and computer accessories, it has crafted a quality synthetic leather case that offers both style and defense for your portable devices.

You will definitely find Kyasi Belt Buckle case really appealing and fun because of the lively and stunning clours combination that are available. There are nice colour options but this universal semi-midnight variant (Dark-brown) looks simple, nice and very classic. The feel of the materials used is absolutely cute and the padding is awesome and good enough to protect your expensive gadgets from any damage not  even the slightest shocks or bumps.

Kyasi Belt Buckle iPad Case is the perfect pick if you wish to give your device a great protection without compromising its stylish display. It is best to put your tablet, iPad or Galaxy tab inside Kyasi Belt Buckle Cover when you are travelling or you can carry it around just like a pouch. 

This quality soft leather bag features a quilt-like design that looks really good. It has enough padding that offers superb protection. There is  snap that closes the case and keeps it protected from free falling. In addition to its protection from the elements, this product is also water-resistant so it would prevent particles of water from penetrating inside to soak and causes damage to your iPad.

This quality case has a kind of soft lining inside, the interior is made from suede like materials to protect your iPad from damages like scratches, dirt, minor shocks, scrapes and bumps. The simple design is very detailed and this makes it look neat and attractive. 


The great thing is that Kyasi offers free shipping within USA. But if you don't live within America and purchased more than US$35.00, you can qualify for our free shipping promo as well.

Kyasi Belt Buckle case is definitely a Must-Have iPad case. It keeps your iPad safer from the daily wear and tear while being trendy. Materials used are extremely nice and their quality is awesome and highly durable. This case doesn't only protect your iPad 4 from the common damages but it will also prevent your iPad from getting drenched even inside rain since it's water-resistant.

Even when you open it all the way, your iPad is kept secured and safe with the custom iPad holder on all the 4 sides of the case. Its flexibility allows you use it for any of iPad2, iPad3 or iPad4 and it will offers protection with style.

You can have all these incredible features that Kyasi Belt Buckle case offers. You can purchase this iPad case on or any number of authorized worldwide retailers.