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iPhone 6 - iPhone 6 Plus - Note 4 Screen Protector

It is not news that you have to guard the  iPhone 6, iphone 6 plus and Note 4 since their touchscreen display could be damaged with the slightest provocation; the best care you can give all these big-ticket devices is to jealously protect their buttons from external elements such as dirt and dust with Kyasi gladiator ballistic iPhone screen protector. The sad aspect of the story is that just few individuals are aware of the importance of iPhone screen protector and they have an erroneous believe that it's not at all vital or useful to buy one. But the truth remains that, screen protectors is an inevitable external part of iPhone. You must discover why it's highly important for protecting your own device today.


Keeping your iPhone in the bag or pocket where you also keep your keys, coins and numerous other items so your expensive devices may quickly get damaged or scratched and thereafter lose its one-time nice and exotic look. Sometimes it may even fall from your hands, pocket or purse to the floor, and get seriously damaged and mutilated. In order to secure and prevent your iPhone from all of these accidents you don’t have a better option than to use iPhone screen protector. This is a wonderful tool that is carefully manufactured with combination of modern art and trendy technology; it will protect and guide your iphone 6, iphone 6 plus and Note 4 screen from getting damaged and makes it look like a new device always which provide you with very  clear  and excellent look. It protects your touch screen device from external damages.

One  of such screen protector is called Kyasi gladiator ballistic iPhone screen protector which is a Crystal-Clear Touch and Anti-Glare features typically designed for several smart phones especially range of Apple devices  . This will maintain the impeccable state of your iPhone because it offers a perfect combination of anti-glare and optical clarity; the screen protector also offers maximum visibility even under intense sun-rays and other lighting conditions. In addition, it protects your device from scratches, finger print marks, dust and other preventable damages. It's produced with superior quality of dual layered film and Its glueless adhesive will not leave any annoying marks on your expensive gadgets. You are advised to clean it with lukewarm water to get its previous adhesive quality.

Previously mentioned are almost all the necessary and most important features of iPhone screen protector but to know more about this awesome product, you'll need to have practical experience.When you start using the screen protector you'll automatically know why it a must for your iPhone and its usefulness. If you're using any other smart phone such as iPhone 4S, Samsung s4, Samsung i9300, Sony Xperia Z1, iPhone 3GS, or Google Nexus 5  you need to explore our website to learn more about the unique features of screen protector for these Phones .Our iPhone screen protector comes separately for different varieties of touch screen gadgets and few of them are displayed on our website. So if you really value and care for your iPhone and you wish to prolong its lifespan then only Kyasi gladiator ballistic iPhone screen protector can give your device a long life by simply keeping its excellent  and nice look always.

Our iPhone screen protector is unique and different from any other screen protector that is currently available in the market today. Rather than a thin sheet of plastic to protect your iPhone's screen, it utilizes combination of fiber materials manufactured with chemically treated and clear tempered glass. The back of it is coated with a silicon adhesive making installation easier and if it is applied perfectly, you will not  have any areas for dust and dirt and this will not affect the screen's sensitivity.