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Top 3 Hot Products in Mobile Accessories

The Mobile Accessories category continues to grow very quickly due to the global demand for smartphones and tablets.


There are all kinds of mobile accessories, but in this blog entry we are going to outline the Top 3 types of accessories that people buy for their favorite phone or tablet:


#3 Without a doubt screen protectors have become a major category within mobile accessories. When screen protectors were first released they were only available as a plastic film. While this was an improvement over the screen being uncovered, it proved to be a real pain to install this type of screen protector. Often bubbles would appear as the plastic would not cooperate with the installation. 


The biggest advancement in screen protection has come in the last 12 month as ballistic grade tempered glass has become available. Not only is the screen protection far superior to the plastic films the clarity is flawless. The plastic would often appear cloudy on the screen, but the top grade tempered glass protectors do not have that problem. They are 100% clear. They also offer improved touch sensitivity as compared to the cheap plastic screen protectors. They are lots of grades of tempered glass so it always is important for the buyer to make sure they are getting a premium grade item instead of the cheap offerings that fail to deliver on quality, clarity and protection.


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#2 There are lots of ways to interact with tablets and smartphones in today's modern world. You can type on the keyboard by using touch gestures, you can speak to the device and the assistant du jour will provide a snappy reply and occasionally deliver the desired results and of course a stylus is another way to manage your device.


The people who choose to use a stylus often appreciate the ease of control compared to fingers and it also keeps the screen more clean. Instead of smudging up the screen all day stylus users keep it clean and clear and therefore easier to see clearly. Up until recently only cheap plastic styluses (aka stylii) were available. Often you could buy a multi-pack of these cheap and lightweight little gadgets. They were fine, but they were almost like throw away items.

The other issue with using a stylus was often that is was nowhere to be found. You only use a stylus when interacting with your tablet or smartphone, but when it came time to use the stylus there were often lost or misplaced. 

Today a more complete option exists. There are more properly weighted styluses which look and feel like a real pen. In fact the stylus combination devices that include a stylus and pen together are much more convenient to use. It is much easier to have your pen with you all day and use the stylus as needed.


Even better in today's gadget driven world there are even devices with laser pointers built in. These bright lasers are very helpful for anyone giving presentations or using to highlight even in full office lighting. It's fun to tease kittens with the laser as well.

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#1 And the number one most used accessory are cases and covers. Our devices are beautiful, functional and part of our everyday lives. But they are also delicate. And they have a resale value. In order to have piece of mind nearly all smart phone and tablet users opt for a level of protection that is only achieved by having a case or cover. They are lots of styles and colors for phone cases and tablet covers, but the classic folio case seems to be a traditional favorite. These are generally lightweight overall and protect the device without adding a lot of bulk.


Best of all folio cases offer a variety of sizes, colors and options. 


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