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iPhone 6 - BENDGATE and more...

The iPhone 6 has been released with the typical Apple hoopla and general consumer anticipation.


The big show was marred by technical difficulties that made the first 45 minutes or so of the apple presentation virtually unwatchable. It was a terrible experience for the hundreds of thousands around the world trying to take part in this announcement. The screen would change from the Bars with or without audio to flashes of the presentation in various time beats and would add in Chinese translation almost as loud as the speaker voice. It was a real buzz kill according to the hordes that were complaining about it on Twitter.


Most interesting to us, beyond the fact that normally these events are flawless in terms of broadcast quality, is that Apple has not even acknowledged or apologized for the fiasco. People will surely be fired over this issue, but apparently it will be done quietly. It was far beyond embarrassing it was absolute incompetence or sabotage. One of the two.



We speculated along with others about the sizes of the devices as well as the features and upgrades. We were right about some things and wrong about others. We'll offer a score card on what we got right and wrong in the near future.


One thing we didn't expect was the iPhone 6 Plus being the center point for "BENDGATE 2014: iPHONE 6 Plus is allegedly easy to Break."


A youtube reviewer who is very well known and even respected used their bare hands to bend and break the phone. This test was done because there were a series of rumblings about people having the new iPhone 6 Plus in their pocket and then having the frame of the phone either bend or break.

Apple has responded with legions of data and tests that illustrate the phone is made as well or better than most other phones on the market. Consumer Reports has offered their own tests that validate these same results - although adding the famous caveat emptor to everyone - which is don't put your phone, ANY phone, in a situation that could break it. This includes the beautiful and breakable iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple has faced similar PR issues with other releases that many people may recall. The most similar to this may be Antennagate with the iPhone 4 which caused a defiant Steve Jobs to take the stage and defend the product saying ultimately that there was no problem and that any phone when held can loose signal to some degree.


An interesting retrospective article on that sage can be found here:  That said apple still offered a free case to any iPhone 4 buyer to help overcome the issue regardless if the issue was PR or signal loss it was a welcome gesture to many.


Apple is so big that there will always be those who delight in it's misery and take advantage of the viral nature of claims wheather or not those claims have merit.


Youtube Channels who have responded to #bendgate have in some cases seen over a million views in just a few days. There is an amazing HALO effect when a product is so popular to any event, advertising, complaint, compliment, test, unboxing review, etc...


Kyasi has purchased an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to help us with our testing on new cases and accessories and so far we have seen no problems. To be clear we are not going out of our way to break them, but they seem like fine devices so far. We'll see this Bendgate situation cool down to where people barely remember it in 6 months and by that time Apple will have already sold more than 80 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus devices. That is a predication you can take to the bank.