Why is There a Strap for iPad and Samsung Folios on the Inside Cover?

iPad case with handstrap

We get a pretty common question here which we would love to spend a couple minutes answering. A frequently asked question regarding the Seattle Classic and London All Business Folio cases is about the elastic piece on the inside cover.
This excellent value added feature is really a terrific way to offer other ways to watch and hold your iPad or other tablet in a secure and flexible way. The high grade materials insure that it will last a long time and that it will support various ways of holding your device without risking dropping or otherwise damaging your precious tablet.
Of course the traditional method of standing up the case still work which a lot of people use for watching movies or other passive activities. 
For those who are more active they place the folio down on the counter or desk or whatever, but use the angle to add a lot of speed to typing and easier viewing. So the most common viewing angles are still there.
But the hand strap allows the user to go beyond the norm. When you are on a train or riding a bus sometimes there is no good way to stand you iPad or tablet in the traditional positions. This is when the hand strap becomes your best friend.
So despite this question about "What is the elastic piece on the inside cover for?"it is interesting that once people start using it they love it and they don't stop using it!
Kids in particular find this to be a very effective way to be in control yet, the tablet is not at risk since the holding position is so easy to use.
Anyway we know people love the hand strap so we will keep putting it in and we'll keep saying why it is there too. :)
We're At Your Service,
Team Kyasi