Kyasi Power To Go 5600mAh SOLAR safe lithium polymer power bank for USB Devices


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Go Anywhere! The Kyasi Solar charger is world class and should not be confused with cheap competitors.
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The Kyasi Power to Go series of power banks is designed for super long battery life combined with absolute safety. This solar capable unit combines the miracle of solar energy with the convienance of Power to Go Anywhere! This item is easy to use and has very clear power indicators built in. You can see when it is charging what stage it is at and there is even a green "completion" LED that will show when the charge is completed. There is even a built in flash light with two power levels when you need to see in the dark. The unit has a built in on/off switch so that you only charge a device on your command and it stops when it is completed or until you click the button again to stop the charge process.


The Kyasi Solar charger (KYPTG5600SUN) is world class and should not be confused with cheap competitors. The 100% aluminium casing is both elegant and easy to handle. It looks gorgeous and fits perfectly with a Macbook Pro or other high end gear on your desk. When you are in an airplane using this there is no doubt your seatmate will start up a conversation asking you about where you got it and how you like it. It is cool by design. It is also compact. This slim and overall lightweight item is easy to travel with wherever you need to go.


The powerful lithium polymer battery has been tested to withstand severe impact without causing a fire. Many other lower quality batteries can explode or cause a fire within seconds of a severe impact. These serious safety concerns are ignored by the cheap knockoffs because they know that most consumers don't realize batteries, without the proper engineering, can be dangerous. Lithium Polymer batteries are the same batteries used on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner that was grounded due to smoke coming from those units. Obviously being using in an airplane makes this the safest technology, but how it is constructed is as imporant as the underlying storage system. Once Boeing determined and solved the problem they were safe to fly again, but let's not forget that safety is a important concern for you and your family and it is a big deal for us here at Kyasi. Afterall we use the same products and want the world class products for our families too.At Kyasi our engineers spend extra time and we invest more in our products to give you simplicity and elegant usage without worry. We worry about your safety so you don't have to.


Your box will include the Kyasi Power to Go Power Bank itself, a USB to Micro-USB charging cable and a user guide. The cable is designed to be used to connect to any USB power source you have like a computer or an adapter and the micro USB will plug directly into your device. This is how you charge the device. Once the device is ready for action you will connect the cable to the standard USB port to any micro USB device like an android phone or other device that accepts micro USB. To charge your iPhone or iPad or other devices that may not be micro-USB compatible simply use the USB cable that came with your device. For example the iPhone comes with a USB to iPhone connector. You can plug in the USB port to the battery and the iPhone port into the phone itself and you are all set.


Alot of people ask a very reasonable question about the effeciency of the solar panel itself. The item is indeed the most effective solar panel of that size that is possible and converts about 17-18% of the solar charge into storable energy. Of course the level of solar light makes a big difference. The charger will show you when it is accepting a solar charge by illuminating a blue indicator below the word SOLAR on the power bank. This means it is inputting energy. However, it will input energy even from lighting in your house. Yes, it is capturing the light, but that light is not that strong and the solar cell is getting 17-18% of that. The best light of course is direct sunlight. The primary usage with solar is to be able to charge when there is no other power option and perhaps get enough power to make an emergency call or to use your GPS. At Kyasi we are lucky to have customers around the world and we know of one customer who used the device while she hiked on Mt. Kilamanjaro to power up here phone to make a couple calls and also to power up her GPS. As we continue to invest and improve solar will get better and better. This unit is the state of the art. Kyasi has created the Power to Go in cooperation with the largest battery producers in the world to gain insight into longer life, better user experience and ultimately more advantages for you. The sleek structure and design is no mistake either.


This item is in stock in the USA, CANADA and the EU for fast and FREE shipping. If you need it quick upgrade to the very low cost expedited shipping option and we'll make it a speedy delivery. You can't beat our shipping rates or speeds.


  • High Capacity of 5600mAh; This is 2-3 full charges or add 22 hours talk time to your iPhone 5/ 4S / 4G / 3GS; 1-2 charges for Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3, 200 hours + audio playback, or 200%-300% to the battery life of most mobile phones. Other devices vary.
  • Compact, portable & elegant design. Easily fits into your favorit carry on to provide instant power; The PERFECT mate for long plane flights, road trips, or whenever you need to charge your mobile devices wherever you are.
  • Samsung Grade A cells and high quality Lithium-Poly battery ensures reliability; 500 + recharge cycles over the life of the battery.
  • Convenient flashlight built in: multiple LED indicators reveal the battery level; Input: DC 5V 1A snf charges via standard USB cable (included).
  • Compatible with any iOS device include iPhone 5 - iPhone 5S - iPhone 5C - iPad Air and the rest.
  • Compatible with Android devices including all samsung galaxy series and many many more.

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